Monday, January 28, 2013

Dreaming of wallpapers.

{Wallpaper by Signature Prints inspired 
by the silk screen archives of Florence Broadhurst}
While living in Sydney, Australia I studied textile design and specifically did an extended project about the flamboyant Australian designer Florence Broadhurst. Broadhurst defined the decorating scene Down Under in the 1960's and 70's. For the textile designer, no pattern was too oversized, no color too bold, no design too outlandish. Broadhurst relocated herself around the world several times in her life reinventing herself, first as an actress, then a clothing designer, then an artist, and in her 60's as a textiles designer. She was tragically murdered in 1977 in her Sydney studio and her case still remains unsolved. Now, Signature Prints owns this iconic designers work and has reestablished her textiles studio producing fabric and wallpaper using the designers original film positives and silk screens. I was able to visit the Signature Prints workshop while in Sydney. Other then moving towards more environmentally friendly inks and papers it is clear that the studio does not take any shortcuts - getting their hands dirty meticulously pushing the ink through silk screens with squeegees on long expansive tables. As trends push more and more to digitally printed wallpapers and fabric patterns, I was totally blown away by the practices of Signature Prints.  Kate Spade New York has fairly recently launched fashion and home collections, as well as, a major ad campaign focused on Broadhurst's designs. I am addicted to these vivid patterns, saturated colors, and metallic pairings - show me more!

I can just picture one of the bolder printed wallpapers spanning an accent wall behind a contemporary bar -- would love to use one of these wallpapers sometime... 

Busy week ahead... I hope everyones is off to a good start!!


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