Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lazy Weekend. Busy Week.

HeLlloOO ApRiL!! Wowzers, you showed up quickly. 

The last weekend of March was a little mixture of everything... Date night at The Abbot's Cellar (a beer guru's heaven!) - a very productive client meeting in the Marina - lots of catch-up with friends - and while it rained I snuggled up for a major catch up session of 'Girls'. If anyone knows the ultimate cure for the cough that never ends I BEG AND PLEAD you to share it with me - I am determined to leave my March sickness behind!

Off to the races already for April with lighting installations starting today at the Showcase. So fun to see the space getting lit up! Check in on Thursday for a new Room Anatomy feature on Sacramento Street. This week it will be a peek into a San Francisco boy's nursery.  I guess with both my sister and a client expecting soon, nursery design is on my mind. 

Check out some of these cute finds and ideas for kid spaces...
{1. Marais Children's Chair via. Industry West}
{2. Airflow Classic Truck via. Airflow Inc.}
{3. Three Blocks Nesting Tables/Stools via Kalon}
{4. Ioline Crib via Kalon}
{5. World Map Wallsticker via. Ferm Living}

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