Monday, April 29, 2013

{San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2013} Catherine Kwong Design

Finally!! I can share with you what has been keeping me busy and creatively inspired the past few months. As many of you know, I have been working with Catherine Kwong Design on the design, development, and installation of the Living Room for this years San Francisco Showcase. 

The living room... what a fun project to tackle! It's Mick & Bianca during their early, young and wild years. The glamorous and madly-in-love years. It's the destination for late-night parties, impromptu concerts, and an abundance of Champagne. The rooms existing ceiling set the tone for Parisian opulence and these classical details were paired with contemporary style. The floor, inspired by a Cy Twombly painting, was painted a high-gloss midnight blue. Layered details throughout the room include fringe, bronze pyramid studs, elaborate window treatment trim complete with an unfinished edge, lacquered parchment, polished cut stone, silk taffeta and touches of gold. 

{All photos by Bess Friday}

The showcase house is open until May 27th for the public to experience and enjoy. Seeking inspiration? Grab some friends and make an afternoon out of it! 


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  1. I saw it in person and have to agree it is spectacular. Well done!!