Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Half Hitch Goods {Rolling Shoppe}

Since moving into my Hayes Valley office space a few months ago, I have made a habit of escaping to Patricia’s Green and Proxy SF for some fresh air. For those not familiar with San Francisco, the Proxy SF is a two-block space for rotating happenings, food, art, and retail located in Hayes Valley.  If you haven’t experienced it yet, you must visit the Proxy when Carrie Caillouette and her unique rolling shoppe, Half Hitch Goods, are parked there.

Half Hitch Goods, is a rolling boutique that is presented out of the back of a vintage VW Vanagon Doka. Half Hitch carries an assortment of gift items and promotes thoughtful gift giving with a commitment to impeccable style, timelessness, quality craftsmanship, and beauty. Carrie believes the secret to gift giving is finding personal items that have meaningful product stories; whether it be that they are intricately made by hand, made of recycled materials, or perhaps that they are made by a local vendor.  Carrie and her husband visit the studios of the artisan's featured to learn about their creative and production process. They document their visits through their online Journal.

Although Carrie only purchased her shoppe-on-wheels a year and a half ago, they have been through a lot together. Carries first inspiration and sourcing road trip in the truck left her stranded in a state park due to engine failure.  Carrie has since replaced the engine and worked with a local metal vendor to creatively outfit the back of the truck with appropriate storage and display ability for her shoppe. Carrie is slowly gaining trust in the truck’s abilities and has a few road trips with the shoppe on the calendar. You can catch Half Hitch at the Los Angeles Parachute Market on March 22nd and 23rd and at Proxy SF on April 6th. Check out her other upcoming locations HERE.

Photos by Britton Caillouette

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