Friday, February 15, 2013

Just Breath.

{Sigh} This was one of those "So much to do - so little time" types of weeks... and now it is already FRIDAY! I am so excited to be working with Catherine Kwong on the design and project management of the Living Room at the upcoming San Francisco Designer Showcase in May!! The design concept for the room has really started to come to life this week. I am looking forward to carrying the momentum into next week while Catherine is traveling to source furniture. In the meantime, I will be here in SF getting the ball rolling with painters, contractors, and other vendors as we start to excute ideas!

< moto of the week >

{Turquoise Vintage Style Print via Etsy}

< most listened to tunes of the week >
{Ellie Goulding - "Your Song"} {One Republic - "Feel Again"} {Awolnation - "Guilty Filthy Soul"}
< newest wish list item of the week > Leather Pants. 
{Images sourced via Pinterest}
< inspiration of the week > NWBLK.
{NWBLK} {Mission Dispatch}
On the hunt for new emerging artists, The New Black (NWBLK) is a recently opened contemporary fine arts gallery in San Francisco.  The gallery opened in mid-September and I hope to make my first visit this weekend! The gallery features functional fine art pieces - everything from hand crafted authentic furniture, audio speakers created by a father and son team, and a bicycle. If you are able to stop by during your lunch hour be sure to go next door to, The Mission Dispatch, a rotating roster of San Francisco food trucks put on by the NWBLK LLC company. Follow NWBLK and Mission Dispatch on twitter @TheNewBlackSF and @MissionDispatch!

Fingers crossed that this sunshine keeps up all weekend! Enjoy your weekend everyone...


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