Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{365} Sisters who inspire me.

{26(365) via jisforjane}
{34(365) via jisforjane}
{42(365) via jisforjane}
{Seeing Red via l.ricciardi}
{Celebrating Granpa via l.riciarrdi}
{Forlorn Luna via l.ricciardi}
I just can't get enough of photos from Lauren Ricciardi and her sister Roxanne Bryant. Perhaps it's a genetic trait, or maybe these two just have that special touch. Either way, if you put a camera in their hands it is truely inspiring what these ladies create! Lauren, one of my lifelong friends and favorite people on this earth, and her sister Roxanne have both kicked off 2013 with a little {365} photos project displayed on Flicker. The images above are just a slim sampling of what they have posted thus far. What stands out to me the most about their photos is their individual ability to proecisely capture the energy from a moment in a still photograph. When I take in these images, I almost feel like I can hear the "Happy Birthday" tune, the chuckle of the four year old, the drips of the rain drops, and the whine of the pup as she patiently waits. For the average point and shoot type of photographer, it is hard enough to create the typical "okay, 1, 2, 3... SMILE!" type of image. Having the ability to click the shutter and capture a moment as though you and your camera are a ghost in the space is something not many can achieve effectively. I am a devoted follower of Roxanne's photography blog  J is for Jane and even find myself attempting to vicariously live through her words and joyful images. 

Be sure to check out both Lauren and Roxanne's {365} Flicker postings at l.ricciardi and jisforjane and bookmark Roxanne's photography blog, J is for Jane


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