Thursday, February 21, 2013

Room Anatomy.

{Room Anatomny via Sacramento Street}

{Addison Pitcher and Glassware via Simon Pearce}
{White With Gold Edge Acents Tableware via RAFT}
{White Marble Cheese Board via William Sonoma Home}
Second edition of my Room Anatomy series for Sacramento Street is now LIVE! I am really in love with the dining space featured above. This camel brown leather paired with crisp white and accents of polished chrome create a dining space with casual yet refined perfection. Check out my friend Caitlin's blog for my suggestions on where to find pieces that will help you create a similar feel at home! Also, above are some additional ideas for accessories to complete the tablescape for entertaining as well as everyday use.


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  1. just found you thru caitlin's post! love the breakout of that room you did.